Staying Home

Original pantry in the “Yellow House” – Lincolnville Beach, Maine

For most of our marriage, my wife and I have enjoyed staying home. We have restored eight houses in multiple states; Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, South Carolina, Florida, and now, Mississippi. – Most have been over 200 years old and we do 95% of the work ourselves including careful, historically sensitive demolition, hand-plastering walls and ceilings, hand/on our knees floor restoration, painting, electrical and plumbing. Further, we do (my wife does) landscaping and gardening. Now that we are retired and in our 70’s we work from 9-12 am, break for lunch and a nap from 1-2 pm, work from 3-5 pm, shower and drink some wine together as we walk around the house to see “what the workers did today”. I wish more people had the interest and option to do what we are lucky to be doing.

If you have to stay home, watch Youtube videos on DIY subjects and get to work on your house!

Every Town…An Island

This is a timeless message – Buy Local – Not Internet.

What if every town was an island?
All shopping done right here
No money being spent away
No corporate takeover fear.

We would have to eat at Donna’s
“Coffee, eggs and ham” for you?
No Starbuck latte’s sold in town
We’re fine with Donna’s brew.

You need a car? See Frank in town
At “Smiley’s Lot” on Main
I traded in my Jeep (still there)
It only leaks in rain.

The banks would have to go along
And lend us what we need.
We’d pay them back with wages
Earned at “Barney’s Grain & Feed”.

Barney’s wife works in the store
Where we shop for chicken thighs
From “Tilly’s Free Range Chicken Farm”
Not quite Tyson’s size.

The money stays on the island friends
There is no place else to spend it.
Besides it all comes back again
To those who spend and lend it.

We’d have to find the leaks for sure
Like buying stuff “on line”
Instead of at the local shops
Like “Mabel’s Five and Dime”.

I guess it will never happen
But we could make a start
By buying local first instead
And shopping with your heart.

F. Thomas Crowley, Jr.


still good – 2019

FTC – Artist Statement – 2019

My work is comprised of poetry, short stories, and long form fiction written to express feelings of sadness, loneliness, and desperation, morphing into recovery, self-awareness and healing. My current project is historical fiction; “MARGUERITE AND THE CUBAN PAINTINGS”. This work is evidence of both my Cuban heritage and a long standing family mystery.

“MARGUERITE AND THE CUBAN PAINTINGS” is a fictionalized rendition that tracks a small collection of valuable paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries through Europe, Spain, Cuba, and the United States. It focuses on the people closest to the collection and how it affected, inspired and in some cases destroyed them. The family charged with their safe-keeping is my own. My grandfather, a Cuban diplomat was exiled with his family to America in 1937. He brought nine of the paintings with him. The mute, haunting journey of the paintings tormented the conscience of my Cuban-American family. “Were they stolen or smuggled from Cuba or sent to America for safe-keeping and protection?” That question has yet to be answered. However, the burden proved detrimental to all.

My heroine, Margaret (Marguerite) Bourke, is a reporter for a well-known Philadelphia newspaper who uncovers an intriguing story of Cuban history and is ultimately haunted by the paintings and her own Cuban heritage.

My writing is a documented legacy of my own life’s journey. The legacy informs my children and future generations of our rich, multi-cultural heritage and my readers who will learn about Cuban culture and how it changed when brought to America.

Proud Woman

We found this haunting watercolor by an artist named E Taxon in our attic.  This is a great picture of a proud woman.  I wish we could learn more about her and the artist.

Proud Mary One

No Poems For Wally

I can’t write a poem for Wally

I have no words, I fear,

to describe what he means

to all of us here.

We all know these two

for they come as a pair

If we ever lose one

It will be hard to bear.

There is nothing to say

Not a thing we can do

But think about them

As she tries to get through.

I can’t write much more

But this may be a start

to elicit those feelings

from neighbors, from the heart.

—–please feel free to add to this poor poem for Wally and Diane from your own amazing experiences with them here in Lincolnville.


Write To Finish vs. The Way of the Writer

I am not sure why or when I have become or became afraid to write.  It certainly didn’t help to try to read Charles Johnson’s book “The Way of The Writer” .  According to Mr. Johnson, you have to spend 30 years reading and studyng the classics and every piece of style stuff before you write anything. Then, you have to revise it over and over again.  He also said that writing from “personal experiences” alone is a waste of time.  Nice, Charles.  Your classes must have really been inspired.  His book is more of an autobiography about how wonderful he is.  Guess what?  I stopped reading it so I can get back to writing, evn if it is bad writing.  Now I am not sure who I should give this book to…Goodwill?