FTC – Artist Statement – 2019

My work is comprised of poetry, short stories, and long form fiction written to express feelings of sadness, loneliness, and desperation, morphing into recovery, self-awareness and healing. My current project is historical fiction; “MARGUERITE AND THE CUBAN PAINTINGS”. This work is evidence of both my Cuban heritage and a long standing family mystery.

“MARGUERITE AND THE CUBAN PAINTINGS” is a fictionalized rendition that tracks a small collection of valuable paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries through Europe, Spain, Cuba, and the United States. It focuses on the people closest to the collection and how it affected, inspired and in some cases destroyed them. The family charged with their safe-keeping is my own. My grandfather, a Cuban diplomat was exiled with his family to America in 1937. He brought nine of the paintings with him. The mute, haunting journey of the paintings tormented the conscience of my Cuban-American family. “Were they stolen or smuggled from Cuba or sent to America for safe-keeping and protection?” That question has yet to be answered. However, the burden proved detrimental to all.

My heroine, Margaret (Marguerite) Bourke, is a reporter for a well-known Philadelphia newspaper who uncovers an intriguing story of Cuban history and is ultimately haunted by the paintings and her own Cuban heritage.

My writing is a documented legacy of my own life’s journey. The legacy informs my children and future generations of our rich, multi-cultural heritage and my readers who will learn about Cuban culture and how it changed when brought to America.

Author: ftcmoa

Retired consultant now writing from Maine