Staying Home

Original pantry in the “Yellow House” – Lincolnville Beach, Maine

For most of our marriage, my wife and I have enjoyed staying home. We have restored eight houses in multiple states; Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, South Carolina, Florida, and now, Mississippi. – Most have been over 200 years old and we do 95% of the work ourselves including careful, historically sensitive demolition, hand-plastering walls and ceilings, hand/on our knees floor restoration, painting, electrical and plumbing. Further, we do (my wife does) landscaping and gardening. Now that we are retired and in our 70’s we work from 9-12 am, break for lunch and a nap from 1-2 pm, work from 3-5 pm, shower and drink some wine together as we walk around the house to see “what the workers did today”. I wish more people had the interest and option to do what we are lucky to be doing.

If you have to stay home, watch Youtube videos on DIY subjects and get to work on your house!

Author: ftcmoa

Retired consultant now writing from Maine